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My Professional Experience

  • Extensively working as an Executive Co-Active Coach with leaders and managers in organizations. My professional experience includes over 2400 hours of coaching and I am certified and approved professionally by the International Coach Federation.
  • I am a fulltime Organizational Coach which includes providing organizational clients the following services:
    • Team Evaluations, building and training.
    • Relationship coaching between partnerships, colleagues, managers and employees, co-leaders and others.
    • Internal training workshops and programs of coaching and relationship skills for managers.

  • I lead team building workshops in organizations, certified by Team Coaching International.
  • I am a Leader for The Coaches Training Institute, Israel and USA.
  • I am an international supervisor for relationship coaches for The Center for Right Relationships, USA.
  • Executive Coach for the Ken Blanchard Company.
  • I have been an executive in the Hi-tech Industry in R&D, Marketing, and Business Development.
  • I am an experienced PhD Academic Researcher and Lecturer in areas of Brain and Language and communicative abilities in Schizophrenia.

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